Thursday, July 3, 2008

Gulls and whales today

Today was another day in Newfoundland.  Unlike yesterday, the sun stayed hidden for most of the day, although it was out a bit in the morning.  We had a nice time doing part of the Irish Loop south of St. John's.  At Tors Cove, while taking in the wonderful scene, I noticed that there were some whales spouting offshore.  Well it turns out that there were nearly fifty of these Humpbacks.  I have never seen anything like it.  Spouts were everywhere.  Further on, we looked through some gull flocks and found a nice Lesser Black-backed Gull.  Then at St. Vincent's Beach, many dozens of gulls were feeding actively along the beach.  Among the throng was an Iceland Gull, looking nearly adult, but with a couple of older outer primaries. After leaving there, we drove a short ways down the road to check out some Arctic Terns.  Someone spotted a small gull perched nearby.  Turns out it was a young Little Gull, the second for me in Newfoundland, and one of my favorite gulls. So despite less than perfect weather, it was quite a day of birding. 

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